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PVC Crust Skinning Foam WPC Board Machine / WPC Extrusion Machine

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chất lượng tốt Acrylic Nail System giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Acrylic Nail System giảm giá
I want to say that your products very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service.

—— Mr Abílio Cipriano

Good quality,Good price,Good service!

—— Emma simankovich

Very appreciate for your professional service & higher standard quality control,very happy to know you.

—— Mr Johnifere

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PVC Crust Skinning Foam WPC Board Machine / WPC Extrusion Machine

Trung Quốc PVC Crust Skinning Foam WPC Board Machine / WPC Extrusion Machine nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  PVC Crust Skinning Foam WPC Board Machine / WPC Extrusion Machine

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: Qingdao China
Hàng hiệu: Wings
Chứng nhận: CE/ISO
Model Number: SJSZ

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: negotiation
Packaging Details: Coated in film firstly,and then reinforced with wooden for outer packing
Delivery Time: 45 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Product Name: WPC PVC Crust Skinning Foam Board Extruder Machine / Production Line Application: Produce WPC PVC Crust Foam Board For Construction,Furniture,

WPC PVC Crust Skinning Foam Board Extruder Machine / Production Line
PVC crust foam board production line is the machine adopting celuka foam skinning process to produce rigid PVC celluka foam board/sheet/panel, which is also be known as XUEFU board, Andy plate. The whole line is main composed of twin screw extruder, board mold, and mixer, cutting machine and other auxiliary equipment.
Characteristics of pvc crust foam board
PVC crust foam board has such characteristics as sound separation, sound absorption, heat separation, temperature-keeping,etc.
The material is incombustible, it is safe for use.
All series of products have property ofmoisture proof, mildew proof, water resistance; its vibration resistant effect is good.
All series of products have property of weathering proof, its luster may remain forever, and it is not easy to be ageing.
This product is light, storage & transport, construction are rather convenient.
This product can be worked with normal tools for wooden material.
Drilling, sawing, nail, planning, bonding can be conducted like wooden material.
It is suitable for thermal shaping, thermal bending and fold processing.
It can be welded; it can also be bonded with other pvc material.
The surface of this product is smooth, it can be printed. (Clean the surface before printing.)

Application of PVC crust foam board:
Transportation: such as steamship, aeroplane, carriage, traine compartment, roof shed, case core layer, inner upholster, etc. 
Architecture: such as building wall board, decoration board, housing, office, public building interlayer, commercial decoration shelf, non-dust room board, ceiling plate, etc. 
Advertisement: such as screen printing, computer lettering, ad board, etc. 
Industry: such as chemical industry antisepticizing project, thermoforming, for refrigeratroy, for temperature keeping, for environment protection, etc. 
Other applications: such as mould plate, sports equipment, breeding equipment, seashore wet-proof facility, water-fast material, art material, various interlayer, etc. 

PVC / WPC furniture Foam board extrusion machine line summarize:
1. Power supply: 380V/3phase/50Hz
2. Materials: PVC mixed powder
3. Production specification: width:1220mm thinckness:5-30mm
4: Production application: different formula,diffrent application,but machine is same
5. Output: 400-450kg/h
WPC PVC Crust Skinning Foam Board Extruder Machine / Production Line Machinery List:

NameQuantity (set)
Automatic feed loader1
SJ80/156 Twin Conical Screw Extruder1
Calibration platform1
Cooling bracket1
Haul-off equipment1


PVC Crust Skinning Foam WPC Board Machine / WPC Extrusion Machine

PVC Crust Skinning Foam WPC Board Machine / WPC Extrusion Machine
Technology and Service:
1. Seller supply full set of technical document, cutter and other full document (write in English) for the extrusion
2. Seller supply training for buyer's staff until buyer can produce the eligible production independently.
3. Seller is responsible for installing, testing, adjusting and debugging the machines in buyer's factory.
4. Buyer should pay the expense for our engineers including for our engineer including round- way tickets, 
inland traffic, lodging and boarding fee when the machine is installed, tested and maintained.
5. Seller will go to install machines after the machine is arrived at buyer and buyer will have prepared all 
conditions (including power, water, compress air, tools and materials for producing pipe, etc) for installing and
 testing these machines.Buyer should pay 60USD/day.
6. When installing, people of both sides cooperate well and carefully, buyer supplies convenient working 
condition, any problem, should discuss peacefully and kindly.
7. Buyer supply proper working tools, equipments and other conditions.
8. The expense including the accommodation and materials of the trial-run the machine for testing and other 
expenses(electric, water, air and worker) will be on seller's account,  if the buyer or their representatives do 
the inspection of the machines before shipment.
9. Guarantee period:14 months after shipment (the date of B/L)

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